Standard Hotel Rooms in Canada and the United States

At almost every reputable hotel in the United States and Canada, you will find two types of rooms that are simply called the Queen Room and the King Room.

The Queen Room is commonly furnished with two Queen size beds. Although, a room with a Single Queen Bed is not uncommon in budget hotels and motels that are targeting solo travellers.

The King Room always has a single King size bed. Because of the additional space, you may also find a Sofa Bed that can accommodate up-to two additional guests.

The room size and in-room amenities should not differ by much. While the Queen room with two beds may seem to provide more value per sleeping space, the rates between the Queen and the King rooms are nearly always identical.

A King room at the Chelsea Hotel in Downtown Toronto

This type of configuration also extends to suites, which feature door seperated bedrooms and living areas. The Queen Suite will have two queen size beds in the bedroom, while the King Suite has a single king size bed. The Living area usually has a sofa bed, making the suites perfect for couples desiring privacy.

At some hotels in extremely popular tourist destinations such as the Niagara Falls, you may find suites where the sofa-bed is replaced wih a Queen size bed in the living area.
In some exceptional cases (such as the Embassy Suites), you will find suites that can sleep up-to 8 guests on four double-beds.

The ensuite washrooms in most Canadian and American hotels are nearly identical in layout and configuration. Cleanliness is almost always guaranteed especially in large hotel chains, such as Marriott, Hilton, IHG and Best Western and Quality Inn.

To begin describing the washrooms, the sink is usually round with a single faucet installed over a laminated counter-top. There is a large wall-to-wall mirror for vanity.

The toilets are standard American with an an elongated style and around 30 inches deep.

Washroom at the Chelsea Hotel in Downtown Toronto

It is still common to see a shower-tub combination, but this is slowly being replaced by a standing shower to save costs. The shower-head commonly has with options for rain-shower and massage. Most hotels have grab bars are installed by the tubs for safety.

The washroom is well lit, and the light switch is usually combined with the exhaust fan. There is usually no window.

At the most basic, you will find a wall-mounted hairdryer, stock of complimentary toiletries, toilet-paper and clean towels.

  • If you prefer to wash over wiping after using the toilet, it’s perhaps a good idea to come prepared with a bottle or a portable watering-can.

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