Hi, أهلا وسهلا, स्वागतम्, خوش آمدید. Welcome to ManiaRavings.com!

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My name is Jaffer and I made this website to give you the best information based on my experiences when travelling in Canada, the USA, the Middle East and South Asia.

That’s because I am from India, was raised in Saudi Arabia, and have called Canada home for the past 20+ years.

I ❤️ travel.

I have a drive to learn about new places, the people and their way of life. Travel and writing about travel allows me to do just that.

When writing about my favourite destinations, I do extensive research on how to get there, where to stay and what to do.

I prefer to explore and write about hotels because it gives me a better idea about the destination. Hotels are happier to give you perks and amenities as compared to Airlines.

I don’t particularly like flying. Security and wait-times are a joke and Airlines are constantly looking to cut corners. Which is why try to I maximize my comfort on long-haul journeys by looking for seat-upgrades and getting the most out of Airport Lounges.

Jeddah National Commercial Bench
Mumbai Auto-Rickshaw Traffic
Toronto CN Tower
Makkah Clock Tower

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Commitment to Charity

As travellers and explorers, let us not take for granted our freedom to move and see places anywhere across the world. We are therefore distressed when learning of anyone whose freedom of movement is restrained and when human rights are violated.

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