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How many horses ?

Gramma ! I went to the zoo today! I saw a lot of horses and chickens.  I counted a total of 57 heads and 176 legs. Now tell me, how many horses did I see?

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Over the years I have dumped and resurrected this website several times. At each revival I’d hope it would be different.

Eversince I got married, I lost motivation to update the blog and Twitter and Facebook – of which the tweets and timeline I emptied later. After my son was born in late 2015, I had scarcely time to explore writing a new theme. And though I had a lot of opinion on current events – I did not even want to type the url of my dated website.

I am inspired by the IndieWeb movement. I implemented POSSE a few years ago but it soon became a chore to update WordPress and then Twitter and Facebook as I was particular regarding the formatting of my updates in each service.

Time fixes everything as the saying goes; and over time I have read-up many articles and conjured ideas regarding