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What is Hotellook ?

Hotellook is a search-engine for hotels, holiday apartments, resorts and villas around the world. Based on your search, it shows listings from online booking sites such as, Agoda,, Snap Travel etc. For each hotel, it will show you all available prices from these different booking sites on a single page. This way you can compare the rates, grab the best deal and save a lot of money on any hotel-room anywhere in the world.

Hotellook is our affiliate parter for hotels and accommodations on

Like Google, which only displays information from websites it lists in the search results, Hotellook too pulls information from online booking websites and simply displays them in a neat way. It does not set the rates an there is no means to manipulate data.

Neither and Hotellook will directly book a room for you, nor see your credit card information. Your booking will only be handled by booking sites such as, Agoda etc.

When you search for your destination on Hotellook, you will see a listing of available hotels with their prices as shown below.

Hotel Listings for Dubai on

On the hotel listing page, you will find prices of various available rooms form different websites.

Room prices for Dubai Four Points on

If you like a price, and click on it, it will re-direct you to the online booking site, such as as shown below.

Redirection to


Listings for hotels in Dubai with Four-Points selected on

You will then make your reservation with as normally and will receive all communications only from them.

Do we make money off your bookings? — Yes

We make money on bookings you make using the links on However, we only get paid after your vacation and only after you checked out of the hotel you stayed in. When you make your reservation through (provided you went there using our links) for example, a tiny percentage (4%) of the revenue is reserved for Hotellook and This will only be released after you have stayed and checked out of the hotel.

If you decide on not traveling and cancel your reservation, neither Hotellook nor will get paid. Yes, we do see many cancellations in a given month and not see a single cent, but this is all part of the experience of running a small business and the service we like to provide.

Try out for yourself and find the best deals

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