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What is Aviasales ?

How can you use Aviasales to find the best deals on flights?

Aviasales is a search-engine for air-fares, and it claims to be one of the world’s fastest. Based on your origin, destination and chosen dates, it shows listings from several agencies (FlightNetwork, BudgetAir, SmartFares, Wingie) and airlines (Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Emirates etc) and suggests to you the best prices, and the most convenient flights.
This way you can compare the prices, grab the best deal and save a lot of money on air-tickets to anywhere in the world.

Aviasales is our affiliate parter for flights and plane-tickets on

Similar to Google which displays relevant websites in their search results, Aviasales simply pulls information from agencies and airlines displays them in a neat way. It does not set the rates and there is no means to manipulate data.

Neither and Aviasales will directly book a flight for you, nor see your credit card information. Your booking and payment will only be handled by the airlines or the agencies (such as FlightNetwork and SmartFares) themselves.

When you search for your route on Aviasales, you will see a listing of several flights with their prices as shown below.

Results page for flights form JFK to DXB on

Of course, you will want to fine-tune the results according to your preferences. For example, I have opted to only show direct flights and flights with one layover of a maximum of 4 hours. I have also chosen to include baggage in the prices.

Fine tuning flight preferences for JFK to DXB in the side-bar on

You will see the results now highlight the cheapest non-direct flight with baggage and the cheapest direct flight with baggage.

When you click on the big orange “Select Ticket” button, you well be presented with an itinerary of that particular booking.

Itinerary for return flight form JFK to DXB with the price

How would you know that this is indeed the best price?

In this example, by tapping “on FlightNetwork“, you will see several offers form various different websites, with the cheapest deal on top and the airline’s offer highlighted in red.

Price comparison of a flight itinerary from JFK to DXB

When you click on the big orange “Buy Ticket” button, you will then be redirected to the online travel agent, in this case, Flight Network.

Screenshot of the redirection page to Flight Network


Flight itinerary with price for flight form JFK to DXB

You will then make your reservation with Flight Network as usual, and will receive all communications only from them.

Do we make money off your flight reservations ? — Yes

We make money on bookings you make using the links on However, we only get paid after you have taken your flight and reached your destination. (In case of return flights, we get paid only after you have returned home and completed your trip)

When you book your flight through AviaSales, a tiny percentage of the revenue is reserved for This will only be released after you have taken your flights and completed your trip.

If you decide on not traveling and cancel your booking, neither Aviasales nor will get paid. Yes, we do see many cancellations in a given month and not see a single cent, but this is all part of the experience of running a small business and the service we like to provide.

Try out for yourself and find the best deals

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