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How has COVID-19 affected the hotel experience for guests

The effects of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‑19) pandemic has upset the travel industry like never before. The Hospitality and Tourism sector in particular is continually refining the steps it is taking to limit the spread of the disease, and keep everyone safe.

With the exception of the private guest-rooms, most hotels will require wearing face-masks in all indoor common-spaces. Shared amenities such as the fitness-rooms, swimming-pools and laundry rooms may be temporarily closed or have limitations on the number of patrons at one time until restrictions are in place.

Where hotels usually serve a complimentary buffet breakfast, you will find pre-packaged grab-and go meals instead. While patrons have voiced their disappointment, it is perhaps done in the best interest for everyone.

Some airport hotels have temporarily halted their free shuttle services. You must check with you hotel prior to travelling to prevent yourself being stuck somewhere without transport.

Every hotel has pledged to continuously sanitize frequently touched areas such as doors, elevator buttons and table-tops. Some hotels have placed restrictions on temporary visitors to the hotel and to those who do not have a reservation.

Many hotels have blocked room reservations on their systems form 24 to 72 hours after the guest has left.

We at, humbly remind our readers to check for travel restrictions and follow mandated protocols to keep safe and limit the spread of this devastating disease

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