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Hotels in Madinah, Saudi Arabia for non-Muslims

The city of Madinah has always been open to non-muslims for tourism, living, employment or to conduct business. While it is of substantial importance in Islam, it is a multicultural city with a thriving commerce and industry. Madinah’s manufacturing sector produces food, building materials and petroleum products.

Madinah is served by three ring-roads which define its centre, the urban area and the city limits:

  1. King Khalid Road: the outer ring road which surrounds the sanctuary as defined by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ‎.
  2. King Abdullah Road: the middle ring road which encompasses most of the urban area
  3. King Faisal Road: the inner-most ring that surrounds the Prophet’s Mosque (al Masjid an Nabawi)

By convention, non-muslims are advised not to cut across King Faisal Rd. However, this is not mandated and non-muslims are free to walk even in the courtyard surrounding the Prophet’s mosque.

But the fact that non-muslims are not allowed inside the mosque is strictly enforced. Documents and belongings are usually checked at the doors. If your name does not sound commonly “Muslim” and you do not have an umrah or hajj visa, then be prepared for additional questions.

The authorities are also increasingly adopting technology to control the movement of pilgrims. Apps such as Eatmarna, facilitate pilgrims to visit the Prophet’s Mosque only at their allotted time slots and validates against each visitor’s visa and Iqama information. So, if the app does not allow you to register, then you will have a hard time getting into the mosque anyway.

With that being said, if you are a non-Muslim, as long as you do not enter the doors of the Masjid an-Nabawi, you are free to travel and technically be able to stay anywhere in Madinah.

I say “technically” because there are indeed hotels that have restrictions mainly to protect themselves from ignorant pilgrims who may raise issue of even the presence of a non-muslim in Madinah.

Therefore, don’t get discouraged. It is for your own safety that hotels place such restrictions.

Furthermore, The Prophet’s Mosque is constantly expanding to accommodate the ever increasing number of visitors every year. Buildings and hotels that stand in way of expansion are demolished and new hotels are being built farther away.

Since we continually update our blogs, you can be assured that the list of hotels in Madinah we have in this article, which cater to non-muslims is current.

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Le MĂ©ridien, Madinah

Madinah Hotels for non-muslims

Le Meridien is one of the most popular recommendations for hotels for non-muslims to stay in Madinah. It is located in Al Jamiah, a posh district of the city. The hotel stands next to the grounds of the palace of the Governor of the Madinah province. Within walking distance is the famous Islamic University of Madina and the Taiba University, which offers over 150 academic programs.

Le Meridien Madinah is a 15 minute drive by taxi to the Prophet’s Mosque. Click here to see it on a map

You will exprience luxury of an international standard at Le Meridian Madinah. Everything, form the grand entrance-way to the reception to the rooms, is designed to facilitate important guests to the city and its officials. The hotel has 20000 sq.ft of meeting and banqueting facilities, that can hold upto 500 people.

The rooms at Le Meridian Madinah are beautiful with polished hard-wood floors and bright colours on the walls. The beds are sturdy and comfortable and every room comes with a desk and chairs, a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, a mini-fridge, tea and coffee making facilities and an in-room safe.

The bathrooms are similarly beautiful and up-to date. Walls and contertop are polished marble, and you will find complimentary toiletries, a bathrobe and clean towels for your personal use.

Le Meridian Madinah has an onsite restaurant that provides 24 hour room service. You can opt for buffet or a-la-carte for your breakfast. Lunch and Dinner feature Lebanese as well as Indian dishes.

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Zaha Al Madina Hotel

Medina Hotels for non-muslims

Zaha Al Madina and Zaha Al Munawara (discussed below) belong to the same business and are located next to each other an Al Salam Rd, 250 meters west of King Faisal Rd in Madinah. The prophet’s mosque is a 20 minute walk away. Click here to see it on a map

Zahah Al Madina is the larger of the two with 118 guestrooms, which are clean and decorated in a modern style. Each room comes with a desk and chair, an electric kettle for tea or coffee, a flat-screen TV and free guest Wi-Fi.

The bathrooms are clean and stocked with complimentary soap and shampoo for personal use. A hair-dryer, slippers and clean towels are also provided.

Guests are given two complimentary bottles of water (depending on availability) and fresh dates are laid out an the reception every evening for all to enjoy.

The hotel has an underground parking subject to additional charge. The parking space is limited, however, and you may find yourself parking on the street or at the nearby parking-lot.

Zaha Al Madinah has a meeting and banqueting facility which can fit up-to 100 guests at a time. The hall is more suitable for a party or a small fundraiser than something more significant.

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Zaha Al Munawara Hotel, Madinah

Madinah Hotels for non-muslims

Zaha Al Munawara Hotel is a associated with Zaha Al Madina Hotel (discussed above) and is located right next to it. It is a smaller hotel with 45 guest rooms but also has a banqueting facility, large enough to accommodate about 100 people.

Zaha Al Madina Hotel features comfortable accomodations and strives to offer a four-star service at budget friendly rates. All rooms are furnished with in a modern stylle with pleasant, subdued colours. Each room comes with Free wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and and electric kettle.

The bathrooms are clean and well maintained. Complimentary towels, slippers and toiletries are provided for personal use.

The hotel has a shared underground parking but has limited spaces. Outdoor parking is available next to the Zaha Al Madina hotel.

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Delights Inn, Madinah

Medina Hotels for non-muslims

Delights Inn is a 60 room boutique hotel located east of the city on Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz St, between Airport Rd and King Abdulaziz Rd. It is about a 7 minute drive to the Prophet’s mosque. Click here to see it on a map

The location is very convinient for those who have their own car. It is quite easy to navigate to the city centre or the airport. There are numerous restaurants nearby including a McDonalds and Tazaj.

Hotel Delights Inn deserves high praise for cleanliness and helpful front-desk staff. The rooms are cozy and beautifully furnished to Saudi style. The bothrooms too are well maintained. They have a shower-stall and are stocked with toiletries and clean towels for personal use.

Delights Inn, Madinah also offers suites which feature a separate living area, private bedrooms and a kitchen, which is fully equipped with an electric stove, a fridge and a washing-machine.

Depending on availibility, a shuttle bus is provided to pilgrims visiting the Prophet’s mosque.

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Shomookh Hotel, Madinah

Madinah Hotels for non-muslims

The Shomookh Hotel, also spelled as Shmoukh Hotel and Shmokh Hotel, is located at the intersection of Omar bin Alkhatab Rd and King Abdullah Rd. It is about and 8 minute drive south-west from the Prophet’s Mosque. Click here to see it on a map

This is a budget friendly hotel and offers basic accomodations. The rooms are simple and furnished with the beds, night-stand and dresser. Air-conditioning is individually controlled.

The bathrooms have a shower-stall, a hot-water heater, a hair-dryer and free soap and shampoo. You need to bring your own towel.

Wi-Fi is available to the guests and some rooms have a flat-screen TV with basic channels.

The Shomookh hotel has an amazing location that will allow you to quickly get to the other parts of Madinah by car. The restaurants nearby cater to locals where you will find authentic Mandi (Slow-cooked lamb/chicken) and Madhbi (Stone grilled lamb/chicken).

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Ewan Dar Al Hejrah Hotel, Madinah

Medina Hotels for non-muslims

Ewan Dar Al Hejrah is a beautiful business oriented hotel, located directly north of the Prophet’s mosque on King Fahd Rd. It is located close to some of Madinah’s historic sites such as the Ohud Mountain, Masjid Dar and Bir Uthman. The Prophet’s mosque is a 3 minute drive or a 25 minute walk from here. Click here to see it on a map

The rooms at the Ewan Dar Alhejra Hotel are up-to date with trendy furnishings and colours to match. Each room comes with a desk and chair, a coffee and tea maker, a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi.

The bathrooms are clean and have a standing shower-stall. Complimentary toiletries, clean towels and a hair-dryer is provided.

Depending on where your room faces, you will be able to clearly see the Ohud Mountain or the minerates of the Prophet’s Mosque.

The hotel lobby is a great place to casually meet your contacts. There is a cafe from where you can grab some tea and light refereshment for your meeting.

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Assilah Hotel, Madinah

Madinah Hotels for non-muslims

Assilah is a budget friendly hotel, located north of the Prophet’s mosque on Abi Dhar Al Ghafari St at the intersection of Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz St. It is a short walk form Mount Ohud and about a 6 minute drive form the Prophet’s mosque. Click here to see it an a map

The rooms at the Assilah Hotel are quite basic. The decor could use some upgrade. Every room has a fridge, an electric kettle, a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi. The bothrooms are in a better shape and include a hair-dryer and complimentary toiletries.

Business travelers can make use of the hotel’s photocopying and fax service if needed. Laundry and ironing services are also available for a fee.

The Assilah Hotel stands in a quiet neighbourhood, surrounded by private residences. You will have to walk south or head toward King Fahd Road to find the shops or something to eat.

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N Platinum Hotel, Madinah

Medina Hotels for non-muslims

N Platinum Hotel is located east of the city of Madinah on Ataa bin Maisarah St, near King Abdullah Ring Road. It is about an 8 minute drive to the Prophet’s Mosque. From King Abdullah Rd, you can reach all parts of the city within a 10 minute drive. Click here to see the hotel on a map

N Platinum Hotel features trendy and modern rooms. The decor and furnishings have clean lines and the colours contrast pleasently. The rooms are clean and well maintained and so are the bathrooms. The bathrooms have a standing shower, a hair dryer and are stocked with complimentary toiletries and clean towels.

Each room has a desk and chair, a fridge, an electric kettle, a flat-screen TV with satellitte channels and free Wi-Fi. Air-conditioning is individually controlled.

The N Platinum Hotel also serves as a meeting space for individuals and families. There is a 12-seat meeting room for conducting formal business as well as a lounge for a more relaxed affair.

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Golden Garden Al Medina Hotel

Madinah Hotels for non-muslims

The Golden Garden Hotel is located on the southern side of the city, close to the medical complex surrounding Al Madinah Al Munawarah General Hospital. The Quba Mosque is a 5 minute drive to the west via Hwy 60. Click here to see it on a map

While it may seem far form the city centre, The Golden Garden Hotel makes up with its excellent ambiance, polished service and comfortable accomodations at value prices. The ground floor of the building has several shops and restaurants that are part af a long line of eateries on Prince Abdulmajeed bin Abdulaziz St.

The rooms at the Golden Garden Hotel are spacious with an average 400 sq ft of space. The rooms are kept upto date with new carpets and furnishings. Each room comes with a desk and chair, a fridge, and electric kettle, a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi. The pot-lights provide a relaxing mood in the evenings.

The bathrooms are newly built with a standing shower and frosted sliding door for privacy. You will find complientary soap and shampoo, a hair-dryer and clean towels for personal use.

The Golden Garden Al Medina Hotel also features a Double Room with a Jacuzzi tub. You can get a complete massage form the water jets after a long day at work, making you completely relaxed and ready for the night.

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Al Alya Apartment Hotel, Madinah

Medina Hotels for non-muslims

If you are on an extended stay in Madinah but not long enough to rent out on apartment, consider looking for an apartment hotel. Al Alya Hotel offers apartments with one bedrooms, two bedrooms and upto five bedrooms!

The apartments are furnished with only the necessities for example a single couch and a coffee-table in the living area and no more than a bed and night-stand in the bedrooms.

The kitchen has a small fridge, a microwave and and electric stove and oven. The dining table and chairs are quite basic.

The bathrooms have a standing shower but require some cleaning up when you move in.

Al Alya Apartment Hotel is located less than a 5 minute drive form the Prophet’s mosque. The hotel shares a common area a student dormatory next door contirbuting to a young college-like atmosphere that blends with the sense of serenity that surrounds the city of Madinah. Click here to see it on a map

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