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Kolkata is the principal commercial and educational centre of East India. While Delhi is the administrative capital of India and the seat of its central government, Kolkata is considered to be the “cultural capital” of India. Bengalis, in general, are appreciative of art, music and literature. They also traditionally welcome new talent, which makes Kolkata a preferred destination for new artists to gain recognition.

Kolkata was the largest city in India until the 1970s when it was overtaken by Mumbai. It has long been associated with India’s heavy industries with headquarters and manufacturing units of companies such as the Birla Corporation, Exide Industries, the Emami Group, Berger Paints and Coal India Ltd located here.
Today, Kolkata is diversifying with the rise of the Information Technology and Service sectors in the city.

Delhi, the capital of India, is known for being India’s largest retail market for every kind of product imaginable, with markets going back to several centuries. Delhi is an important tourist destination due to its history and status. Some of India’s best-known symbols, such as the Red Fort, the Qutb Minar, India Gate, the Jama Masjid are found here.

The adjacent city of Grugram or Gurgaon is a leading financial and industrial hub of India. It is known for providing outsourcing solutions to the English speaking world in software, IT, service and sales via call-centres. Around 250 international corporations maintain an office in Gurugram, with some companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, BMW and Honda having their Indian headquarters there.

Delhi and Kolkata are historically interlinked. People have travelled back and forth between these two centres since their founding. Today taking the plane between Delhi’s Indra Gandhi International Airport (DEL) and Kolkata’s Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Around 3.5 million people fly every year between Delhi and Kolkata. There are around 30 daily departures each way between the two cities, thereby making this air route among the top 40 of the busiest in the world.

Kolkata’s Victoria Memorial, one of the most iconic buildings of the city. Photo by DeepanjanGhosh, via Wikimedia Commons

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Delhi to Kolkata (DEL-CCU): the next 30 days

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Kolkata to Delhi (CCU-DEL): the next 30 days

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The cheapest flights for the year ahead

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Delhi to Kolkata (DEL-CCU): the next 365 days

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Kolkata to Delhi (CCU-DEL): the next 365 days

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The Lotus Temple, a Bahá’í house of worship in New Delhi. Photo by A.Savin, via Wikimedia Commons

Kolkata Airport

Kolkata is served by the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU). It is named in honour of the defiant patriot, who attempted to rid India of the British Raj, with the help of Nazi Germany. Netaji himself was fatally wounded in 1945 in a plane crash in Taiwan.

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Kolkata Airport is located in the municipality of Dum Dum just north of the city. Prepaid taxis are are available at the airport to take passengers to the city at a rate of ₹400 for a non-AC cab and ₹800 for an AC cab.
Busses from the Airport can also take you to Dum Dum Railway and metro station from where you can take a train south into the city.

Kolkata Airport has direct connections to 40 cities in India, and 18 international destinations, which take no longer than 5 hours to reach. The most popular domestic routes from Kolkata are to Delhi (DEL), Mumbai (BOM) and Bengaluru (BLR). The most popular international destinations from Kolkata are to Dhaka (DAC) and Bangkok (BKK).

Delhi Airport

The Indra Gandhi International Airport (DEL) in Delhi is India's busiest airport, handling close to 70 million passengers annually. It is served by 74 airlines that fly to 66 domestic and 68 international destinations around the world. Domestic travel is the most popular Delhi airport. The most important destinations are Mumbai (BOM), Bengaluru (BLR), Kolkata (CCU) and Hyderabad (HYD).

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Delhi Airport is spread over an area of 5 thousand acres. Further expansion and upgrades are proposed to bring its capacity to handle 100 million passengers annually by the next ten years. There are three passenger terminals, out of which two are scheduled for demolition and upgrades. Terminal 3 is the newest and the biggest terminal in operation. All international airlines and domestic airlines such as Air India, Vistara, IndiGo and SpiceJet operate from here.

The airport is directly connected to the Delhi Metro at Terminal 3. Several buses provide connections from here to the centre of the city, with some shuttling between major hotels. You can also book a pre-paid taxi to your destination, by buying a voucher from prepaid booths, operated directly by Delhi Police.

Delhi has a secondary airport being developed at Hindon (HDX) in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, but as of writing, it serves only two destinations to Hubli (VDX) and Pithoragarh (IDX). The date of commencement for full operations has on several occasions, been pushed back due to security concerns.

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