Over the years I have dumped and resurrected this website several times. At each revival I’d hope it would be different.

Since I got married, I lost motivation to update the blog, then Twitter and Facebook – the tweets and timeline of which I emptied later. After my son was born in late 2015, I had scarcely time to explore writing a new theme. And though I had a lot of opinion on current events – I did not even want to type the URL of my dated website.

I have observed my online friends move on and traditional blogs disappear. Some blogs however have been turned into professional self-help websites – Dieting, Weightloss, Career, Parenting etc – complete with discussion forums and active communities. Facebook and Twitter have grown. People don’t seem to worry about their privacy either. However there is still talk of going back to having your own website and creating a record of memories or journeys to personal goals etc.

Technology has progressed while I feel left behind. Making a WordPress theme from scratch back then used to take me a a few of hours. Today, I find it difficult to understand WordPress Codex and the new ways of doing things. I don’t have the time to re-learn coding. So, I am taking help of Frameworks and Templates to get me up and running.

As and individual I have changed too. I have accomplished many things and I have a new set of personal goals. I still love my website though. But now, instead of using it as a place to share updates, I plan to use it as my place to leave a mark on the web and for it to become a reference.

I may still scrap it entirely and start something new again !

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