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What If Operating Systems Were Religions?

One of the best articles I have read describing the various flavours of the Unix Operating system in terms of Christianity.

My favourite paragraph from the article:

But in the late 1980s, the Catholic Church succumbed to the sins of venality and simony, demanding too much money from the faithful. And so, in 1991 or thereabouts, Linus Torvalds nailed his famous source code release to the cathedral door and kicked off the Reformation.

The Reformation took the shape of a new, freely copyable kernel that all the faithful could read with their own eyes. This Protestant heresy spread like wildfire among the people but was resisted with acts of vicious repression by the high priesthood of Corporate IT (arguably in connivance with the infidel invaders from the Caliphate of Microsoft).

The Linux wars were brutal and unforgiving and Linux itself splintered into a myriad of fractious Protestant churches, from the Red Hat wearing Ubuntu Baptists.

You would probably enjoy this article more if you had some information about different Christian Denominations

Microsoft is depicted as “Muslim” (a wealthy caliphate no doubt). With exception of conflicts against the Protestant Linux Reformation, It has largely kept away from the Unix Wars.